The Fourth of July is the biggest beer holiday of the year, according to Nielsen. Last year, consumers spent $825.8 million on ales, lagers and other sudsy beverages as they celebrated America’s independence – just under $300 million more than they do for the Super Bowl and $95 million more than Memorial Day.

Check out these crowd pleasing beers to help make your holiday a success!

  1. Sam ‘76
    • No beer represents the 4th of July better, than Sam ’76.  Taken directly from the Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is printed each and every can.  A Lager and Ale Hybrid style, this beer has the best of both worlds, with the flavor of an ale and the crisp refreshing finish of a lager.
  1. Sam Adams Boston Lager
    • Named for one of the Sons of Liberty, Samuel Adams is the largest American-owned brewery. The Boston-based brewer supports small business owners nationwide in pursuit of their passion in the food and beverage industry with its Brewing the American Dream program. Sam Adams Boston Lager helped lead the American beer revolution, reviving a passion for full-flavored brews.
  2. Miller Lite Americana Package
    • Given that July 4th celebrations are often day-long affairs, there’s a good case to be made for lighter, low alcohol beers.  Check out the limited edition Americana Aluminum Pint can. Great for beaches, boating and of course, all beer occasions.
  1. Smirnoff Ice Red White and Berry
    • A limited edition blend of cherry, citrus and blue raspberry flavors to enjoy with friends at all your Americana summer parties
  2. Revolution Freedom Of Speech
    • Referencing The First Amendment of the United States constitution, outspoken but not too sour, balanced out by an assembly of ripe peach flavor. Exercise your right to refreshment.
  3. Redds/Lite/Blue Moon – crowd pleasing theme
    • #1 Premium/ #1Craft/#1 Adjunct Ale – mix and match appeals to most everyone.
  4. Mikes Hard Flavors Of America
    • The patriotic Flavors of America Party Pack includes: Hard Lemonade, Hard Black Cherry Lemonade, Hard Peach Lemonade and Apple Ale!



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