Scorched Earth Day Festival 2018 @ Scorched Earth Brewing Company in Algonquin, IL – April 20th & 21st, 2018

Scorched Earth Brewing Company held their 3rd annual craft beer/music festival this past weekend.

Sharing a weekend with Earth Day this year, the event was suitably called Scorched Earth Day Fest. This was the first year the festival was a 2-day event. It made for an excellent opportunity to have the community come together and celebrate great beer, local music, warmer weather and, of course – the Earth!

The folks at Scorched Earth worked hard to make sure this years fest was the best yet. They offered a selection of over 15 different beers, ranging from core favorites – such as Hickster Cream Ale and Giant Killer IPA – to some special brews like Passion Angel, made with passion fruit and hibiscus, or their new NE IPA collab with Roaring Table Brewing Co. In addition to the amazing selection of beer, the fest also featured 4 different food trucks, fun games like ping pong and bags, and a continuous stream of live music.

What is Scorched Earth Day Fest all about?

The festival came to fruition 3 years ago when the brewery’s founders, Mike and Jen Dallas, were looking for a way to share great beer and local music with their community.

“Jen and I like to get together with our friends and family and share different beers.Β  I think a lot of us who work at the brewery really like to do the same, too – definitely a craft beer geek thing. It[the festival] kind of grew out of that love, as well as the interest to host a fest that featured original music.” – Mike Dallas, Co-Founder

So, the Scorched Earth crew got to work on planning and preparing for the event. They searched for musical acts that would perform original music, in addition to some crowd pleasing favorites. Meanwhile, the brewery itself was hard at work, creating the wide variety of craft beers to be served during the festival. As all the pieces fell into place, the hard work paid off, and the Scorched Earth Day Festival was born. The dates and setup of the event have changed over the years, but the focus on bringing the community together with beer and music has remained.

“The setup this year tended to create – especially at night – a great “street” fest environment with everyone moving towards the middle around heaters with the band out at the middle!” – Mike Dallas, Co-Founder

Back to business…

With the success of their 3rd annual festival freshly in mind, our friends at Scorched Earth Brewing Company are back to business, working hard to keep the craft beer coming. If you missed Scorched Earth Day Fest 2018, you can find some of Scorched Earth’s excellent beer at number of our bars and retailers in the area. Check out our Beer LocatorΒ to find some near you! With the Summer fast approaching, I think it’s time we all kick back, relax,Β  and pour ourselves a glass.


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